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An All-purpose software solution to fuel your business processes. Let us help you integrate all your business applications and functions within a unified NetSuite Platform.

NetSuite Integration

Do you want to manage finances systematically and automate other business processes?

Our Netsuite integration services assist you in managing your core business processes through a single, fully integrated system that includes CRM Systems, E-commerce, Web stores, SCM software, and many other applications.

Our in-house expertise in NetSuite integration allows businesses to seamlessly customize workflows and integrate with other existing applications.

NetSuite ERP Integration

Empowering the Connection between your Existing Systems

eSoul connects your front and back office applications and your Cloud-based ERP to the rest of your enterprise.
Our dynamic connectivity enables both real-time and asynchronous integrations.
Our visual workflow designer enables you to create complex business processes that span multiple applications, such as quote to cash or customer invoicing, and include any front office solution, such as Salesforce, Microsoft, or Oracle CRM, as well as e-commerce inventory and warehouse management systems. As a result, a complete NetSuite integration can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud in a matter of minutes.

Scale Your Business Seamlessly With Laser-sharp NetSuite Integration

System integration is critical for scaling your organization, adopting new technology, or modifying your existing business processes. As your organization expands, you may quickly reduce the use of manual processes while maintaining total flexibility.

eSoul provides a fast, cost-effective, reliable way to integrate and manage existing software solutions and data with NetSuite ERP, leveraging existing applications’ capabilities.

Our NetSuite integration solutions ensure that the correct information is available to the right people at the right time, assuring optimal relations with customers, partners, employees, and suppliers.

Our NetSuite Integration Experts Can Accelerate Your Integration Process

No matter what platforms you use or what industry you’re in, our NetSuite integration solution can save you time and money with organized and streamlined data.

Executing NetSuite integrations with eSoul is as easy as these simple steps with quality assurance.

Our NetSuite integration Process includes

Discovery & Planning

Discovery & Planning
eSoul determines your requirements and understands that NetSuite must effortlessly integrate with your existing software systems. To create a plan for the Integration, we also evaluate the risks and the data that needs to be synchronized.


Design & Development
ERP Solution integration with other applications is a usual practice, but not all integrations are the same. Once the integration plan is approved, we design NetSuite ERP integration that fits your processes and creates a complete solution, not just a network of systems. Our integrations build high-volume pipelines and translate information automatically between your business systems.


Testing & Deployment
During testing, we check whether our connector is working correctly or not. After completion of the testing phase, the connector is ready to deploy for production. Our Integration will help store all the business data and records within the NetSuite platform to allow easy and streamlined access while integrating third-party applications.


We help businesses to modify NetSuite to work together with their existing systems. Our integrations are fully customizable to your specific business requirements. Whether large or small, our Integration is designed with the future in mind, allowing you to upgrade easily.

Our Approach To Adaptable
And Scalable NetSuite Integration


To ensure efficient problem-solving, we improve the error handling capabilities and the capacity to address various issues with the existing software applications directly from the integrated NetSuite platform.


Adhering to the best security protocols and practices ensures maximum data security and network safety when integrating the various legacy software systems with the NetSuite platform.


We ensure Integration for various permissions and roles according to organizational requirements and hierarchy.

During Netsuite integration, we assure you that various access requirements, roles, responsibilities, and permissions will be highly customized and user-friendly.


Following the NetSuite integration with the existing systems, we provide ongoing support to ensure everything functions properly. After the Integration, we’re always happy to address any queries you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

NetSuite integration connects a NetSuite software deployment with other systems, databases, and endpoints. As a result, data can move continuously between NetSuite and the other applications in your business environment.
Integrating NetSuite allows you to do more with less and reduces the possibility of human error. It simplifies data analysis and allows you to make informed decisions in real-time. Integration is designed to transfer data without becoming tired or making mistakes.
It Improves relationships by automating recurring processes between partners, suppliers, and vendors. It enables businesses to connect with long-term customers to streamline processes and increase sales.
The process of implementing NetSuite can take a while. A consulting company may need up to 7 to 8 business days to gather and record prerequisites. NetSuite integration partners typically charge a minimal rate per hour for NetSuite consulting. The rate is primarily influenced by the qualifications and experience of the consultants.
Integrating NetSuite into a workflow with your existing systems is much better, whether they are specialized data warehouses and e-commerce stores, marketing software like Salesforce and HubSpot, and Amazon, and web stores like Magento.
With the help of specialized analytics tools, you’ll be able to extract the correct data from NetSuite and mine it for crucial insights that will help you make laser-sharp decisions.
As an authorized NetSuite Integration Partner, we provide specialized NetSuite integration services following unique business requirements and industry rules. The effectiveness of business operations is increased by NetSuite integration services, emphasizing the seamless integration of your legacy systems with the NetSuite ERP system.
As a NetSuite Solution Provider, We create a diligent and well-articulated plan for every NetSuite integration project to incorporate the legacy software tools into the larger context of NetSuite customization for a streamlined and seamless operational output.

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