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Mobile Scanning

NetSuite mobile scanning capabilities scan your list automatically, display the data in real-time on mobile and tablets, identify out-of-stock and overstocking issues and provide current visibility of your inventory levels. NetSuite makes it simple to generate periodic reports and sync with other software programs like QuickBooks or Excel.


Path Sequencing

Path sequencing allows you to select different group paths to speed up processing and reduce errors. When an invoice is created, you can use this feature to create a new invoice and then replicate the same path in other processes. It also allows you to use batch processing and sequence steps to apply multiple policy […]


Recount Management

Recount Management lets you see what each site sells and how much stock they have and helps you avoid overstocking or understocking products, which can lead to cash flow problems. NetSuite also offers an integrated solution for managing inventory receipts through its built-in electronic receipt management (ERM) capabilities that are compatible with major e-commerce platforms.


Inventory Count Scheduling

Inventory Count Scheduling allows you to schedule periodic inventory counts for your business. You can choose from daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly counts if you want more granular control over your inventory. When ERP software for wholesale distributors detects an item being moved out of its usual location due to a lack of stock, it […]


Cycle Counting

NetSuite allows you to schedule as many counts as you want in the same system. That way, you’ll know when your inventory is increasing or decreasing. It boosts inventory turnover and on-time delivery rates while lowering overhead and cycle times. You can also schedule daily or weekly cycle counts to know precisely how much stock […]



Distribution partners must work hand-in-hand to organize the delivery process smoothly in today’s rising e-commerce. NetSuite for wholesale distribution helps you quickly sell on and offline with an easy-to-use e-commerce solution that simplifies the entire process from order entry to invoicing and payments.